Omakase & Sake Pairing

"Omakase” is a Japanese phrase meaning “To Trust”, in this case, to trust the Chef's best judgment. We recommend this ordering option for people unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine or for those who looking to try a new culinary choice. SHIMBASHI’s Omakase Course is prepared expertly by our experienced chefs using only the freshest of seasonal ingredients.

Omakase Course can be enjoyed with a sake pairing. The world of sake is rather mysterious to many of us. Our knowledgeable sommelier is on hand to attend to the selection and pairing.

Call 858-523-0479 to find more about "Omakase" or make your reservations.

Japanese Wagyu Beef

Miyazaki A class Wagyu beef is now available. One of Japan’s prized delicacies: the taste and flavor that spread out in your mouth. Wagyu beef is served in steak or nigiri sushi. Enjoy it while the supply lasts!

For reservations, call 858-523-0479 or click here for online reservations.