Una Ju  23
Mini eel rice bowl

Dry Curry *   12

Tori Zo-Sui  10
Chicken Rice Porridge

Mix Fried Rice 14
Salmon, Ikura Caviar and Mushroom Rice Porridge
Salmon, Ikura Caviar and Mushroom Rick Porridge  13

Grilled Rice Ball (1pc) 4.5

Kid's Meal 9
Entree choice of Chicken Karaage, Chicken Teriyaki, Grilled Salmon or Salmon Teriyaki with steamed vegetables and rice.

Nabeyaki Udon Miso Broth 15
Miso or Soy Broth
Cold Buckwheat Soba or Udon 9
Tonkotsu Udon  12.5

Mentai Udon  9
Udon noodle sautéed with cod roe
Uni Udon
Cold Tempura Udon or Buckwheat Soba  14

Plain Udon v  8

Tempura Udon (2 shrimps) 12.5
v = suitable for vegetarian, = spicy